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Beneath the burning ground a frontier story —Williams, Jeanne, 1930-
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In the Kansas Territory near the border with Missouri, border skirmishes have been replaced by the opening of hostilities in the War Between the States. Jonathan Ware and his wife are deeply troubled that their sons have...

Home mountain —Williams, Jeanne, 1930-
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After the death of their parents, 16-year-old Katie McLeod shepherds her younger siblings, livestock, and an Irish harp from Texas to Arizona. She is determined to have a ranch and make a living, come hell or high water....

Leave her to heaven

An extremely possessive woman will do whatever it takes to keep her husband all to herself, even murder. Based on the best-selling novel by Ben Ames Williams.

Leave her to heaven
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An alluring but possessive woman marries a man she barely knows, then eliminates anyone who may come between them.

Baroque adventure the quest for arundo donax = Aventure baroque : la quête de l'arundo donax —Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra.

The English are running out of arundo donax, a bamboo-like plant native to France that is used to make reeds for musical instruments. So the Queen sends the children of the composer Henry Purcell on a quest for the famou...

The Valiant Women —Williams, Jeanne, 1930-

Winner of the Spur Award: The first volume in a breathtaking trilogy of historical romance novels inspired by the daring men and women who settled Arizona. Patrick O’Shea’s spirit watches his naked, parched body crawl th...

Bride of thunder —Williams, Jeanne.

Sold to settle her husband's gambling debts, kidnapped...betrayed...and promised to the Mayan gods as their sacrificial bride. Texas-born beauty Mercy Cameron pursued one recklessly romantic dream-to be desired in all wa...

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