• The Library retains the right to cancel an approved reservation.  Furthermore, reservations that are not cancelled at least twenty-four hours in advance must be paid for in full.
  • The person/organization responsible for renting the room is responsible for any damage to rooms or contents.  Food and beverages are allowed in the meeting rooms and in the lower foyer.  No food or beverages are allowed in the Mahon Auditorium, except with the express permission of the Director or designate.  Alcohol is permitted only when a liquor license has been obtained from the appropriate liquor licensing authority and with the express permission of the Library Director.
  • Coffee urns are supplied with the kitchenette; groups must supply dishes, coffee, etc., and are responsible for preparing their own coffee or other foodstuffs.  Groups are also responsible for all clean-up.
  • Any room booked may be used in advance for rehearsal free of charge, providing it is not already booked for another individual or group.
  • The entirety of an event must take place in the meeting room area that has been booked, and should not spill over into main library spaces, unless express permission is given by the Director or designate.
  • Chairs, tables, and a lectern will be provided at no additional cost.  All set ups will be done by trained staff or designated personnel.  Any set-ups requiring additional equipment (e.g., roof mounted projector or sound system in the Mahon Auditorium) will be charged for accordingly.  Members of the public using the sound system will not have access to the projection booth.
  • Please note that no organization is permitted to use the Library’s name or premises as its address or headquarters.  Promotional materials for events cannot imply library sponsorship for externally booked programs or events.