Are you interested in starting up a new hobby, learning something new, researching facts and history? Life-long learning is a wonderful thing and the Non-Fiction sections of Prince Albert Public Library can help you! We offer non-fiction titles for adults and children, and young adults.

Pro tips about our Non-Fiction Collections:

  • Loan period is 21 days.
  • Renewal are allowed.
  • Late fines on Adult books are $0.30 per day
  • Late fines on YA books are $0.20 per day
  • There are no late fines on childrens material
  • Mixed in with our Non-Fiction Collection is the Reference Collection.
    Reference books are “In Library Use Only” and have a yellow sticker with an “R” on the spine to differentiate them from regular Non-Fiction books.
  • In the catalogue you can search by keyword, or by subject heading.
  • If you do a keyword search and choose a title you can click the subject heading within the record to see more titles within the same subject, and see similar subjects listed.

Some interesting information about non-fiction:

  • Non-fiction is defined as a work of prose where the content is based on real events and facts, not imagined by the author as fiction tends to be.
  • In most public libraries, non-fiction is organized according to the Dewey Decimal Classification system, which was created by Melvil Dewey in 1876. The categories are divided as such:
    • 000 – General works, Computer science and Information
    • 100 – Philosophy and psychology
    • 200 – Religion
    • 300 – Social sciences
    • 400 – Language
    • 500 – Pure Science
    • 600 – Technology
    • 700 – Arts & recreation
    • 800 – Literature
    • 900 – History & geography


Courtesy of Youtube, here is a fun song to help you remember the different categories of the Dewey Decimal Classification system.