Magazines & Newspapers

Looking for some new knitting patterns? Maybe you want to keep up-to-date on current news from around the world? Here at Prince Albert Public Library we offer a large selection of magazines in a wide range of topics from A to Z for adults, children, and young adults. We also offer many local newspapers, including the Prince Albert Daily Herald, The Star Phoenix, Rural Roots, etc.

Here is some information you will need in regards to this collection:

  • New issues of magazines are “In Library Use Only,” meaning they cannot be checked out.
  • Older issues of magazines can be checked out for one week.
  • Magazines can only be renewed once.
  • Late fees are $0.30/day.
  • Maximum 100 magazines per person at a time.
  • Old issues of the Prince Albert Daily Herald are available in microfilm format.

Also, keep in mind we have newspaper and magazine databases here at the library that allows you to read your favourite magazines on the computer:

Overdrive eMagazines