Legal Information

Legal Information vs. Legal Advice

Legal Information explains the law and legal system in general terms. What we can do for you at the library:

  • Direct patrons to legal information online and in print.
  • Provide general referrals by suggesting options to explore for getting one-on-one legal help.
  • Demonstrate how to search for  statutes, case laws, articles, forms, etc.

Legal Advice applies the law to specific situations. What we cannot do for you at the library:

  • Provide legal advice, even if we know the answer to your question.
  • Recommend specific lawyers or law firms.
  • Tell people what resources they “should” use.
  • Tell people specifically what to write or check off on their forms. We cannot even “check over” what you have written to make sure it makes sense.


Legal Information Resources:

Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan
Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan (PBLS) is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve access to justice in Saskatchewan. They recruit volunteer lawyers to provide free legal services to the public. They offer a free legal clinic in Prince Albert for individuals who do not qualify for Legal Aid, but are unable to afford lawyer services. The clinic operates by appointment only, every Wednesday between 1:00pm and 4:00pm. at the Indian Metis Friendship Centre. Call 1-855-833-7257 to book an appointment.

Legal Aid
Legal Aid Saskatchewan provides a range of legal services to low income individuals in Saskatchewan in the areas of family and criminal law. Those who are eligible can access the service of one of our experienced lawyers located throughout the province of Saskatchewan.

A database offered by JMCPL. Requires library card and PIN to authenticate access. Includes articles from all major law reviews and journals, specialty law and bar association journals, and legal newspapers. There are also articles on Federal and State Cases, and articles from the British Commonwealth, European Union, and other international bodies.

Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan (PLEA)
PLEA was incorporated in 1980 as a non-profit, non-government organization that exists to educate, inform and empower through law-related education. PLEA can help members of the public by providing general legal information, suggesting resources, and telling people about different options for obtaining legal advice. PLEA differs from a lawyer’s office or a legal aid clinic in that it provides general information on the law rather than legal advice for specific problems. PLEA produces publications on many areas of the law and makes these available to the public at no charge.

Family Law Saskatchewan
Family Law Saskatchewan has been created by PLEA with funding from the Law Foundation of Ontario to provide free-of-charge assistance to people in Saskatchewan who are dealing with separation and divorce. Family Law Saskatchewan has information about a wide range of topics from grounds for divorce, to child support guidelines, spousal support, parenting plans, separation agreements and how family property is defined and divided. This information can help people understand their rights and obligations, how courts make decisions in family law cases and what steps they need to take.

Legal Information for Newcomers
NewLi has been created by PLEA with funding from the Law Foundation of Saskatchewan to provide plain language legal information for newcomers to Canada. It includes Saskatchewan-based information about rights & responsibilities, government, the justice system and answers to frequently asked questions. Currently, NewLi is only offered in English, however there are plans to have it offered in many languages in the future.

Courts of Saskatchewan
The Courts of Saskatchewan website provides court schedules, information on the judicial system , and information on the proceedings before the courts. The Resources tab on the website offers a lot of information on the courts, including but not limited to Frequently Asked Questions, Definitions, and Courtroom Guidelines.

The Queen’s Printer
Free online access to current Government of Saskatchewan legistration, as well as Rules of Court and legislated forms. Paper copies can be purchased.

Government of Saskatchewan Publications Centre
Provides central access to government and other Saskatchewan publications.  Access government forms, legislation, news releases and bylaws or search the site by ministry/agency or subject area.

Law Society of Saskatchewan Library
The Law Society of Saskatchewan Library can locate statues, regulations or cases in print or online as well as other materials in the collection. They can help patrons learn to use most of the online resources, and they can suggest further resources for research. They also carry thousands of current legal textbooks, encyclopedias, and dictionaries. Members of the public are welcome to use the resources in the library during regular business hours. However, they are not a public library can cannot lend out materials.

Find A Lawyer – Law Society of Saskatchewan
This directory allows you to search lawyers who are members of the Law Society of Saskatchewan who are currently entitled to practice law. The directory also includes lawyers who are temporarily suspended from practice. A lawyer’s status can be seen by clicking “view details” within your search results. There are plans to update the search function of this directory to include a lawyer’s area of practice.