Graphic Novels

Marvel fan or more a DC Comics enthusiast? Maybe you’re crazy for manga instead? Prince Albert Public Library has graphic novels and we offer more than the general superhero and manga varieties. We have titles from A to Z with new releases and classics in several genres.

Here’s some useful information about the collections:

  • Graphic novels for adults and young adults are located on the East wall near the Young Adult collection. The young adult and adult graphic novels are interfiled together. Young Adult graphic novels will have a "Y" preceeding the call number.
  • Graphic novels for children are located at the end of the J Fiction section.
  • Loan period is 21 days.
  • Fines for adults are $0.30/day.
  • Fines for young adults are $0.20/day.
  • There are no late fines on children’s materials.
  • Check out limit of 100 items.

Now for some interesting facts about Graphic Novels:

  • The term “graphic novel”  was coined by Will Eisner to describe his semi-autobiographical novel A Contract with God (1978), written and illustrated in comic book style.
  • Graphic narratives are works that tell a story in the pictorial panel-to-panel format of comic books. The category includes graphic novels, manga (Japan), bandes dessinées (France and Belgium), fotonovelas (Spain and Latin America), and sequential art.
  • Mangas are compilations of Japanese comics and come in many different genres. The most popular genres are shonen (for young boys) and shojo (for young girls). Often, mangas are read from right to left, rather than from left to right.