Fines, Loan Periods & Item Limits

Loan Periods & Fines

Lending periods and late fee rates vary with different library material types.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following table, which breaks down our late charges on a per item basis:

Material Type Loan Period Fines / Day Maximum / Item
Juvenile Materials 21 Days No late fees No late fees
Young Adult Materials 21 Days $0.20 $4.20
Adult Books 21 Days $0.30 $6.30
Music CDs 21 Days $0.30 $6.30
DVDs & Blurays 7 Days $1.00 $7.00
Books on CD 21 Days $0.30 $6.30
Magazines 7 Days $0.30 $6.30
Video Games 7 Days $1.00 $7.00

You can also accrue fines if you lose or damage library material of any format, including juvenile materials.  In these cases, you will have to pay the replacement cost of the item, which varies based on the material in question, plus a $7.00 processing fee.  An item is considered lost or stolen if not returned within 30 days.  If you find and return an item you lost after 30 days the replacement cost will automatically be removed from your library account; however, the processing fees will still apply and you will still be responsible for paying it.

Please note that if you accrue over $10.00 worth of fines, you will not be able to borrow more material or use online resources until your fines are paid.

You can check if you have fines to pay by logging into your account online. From the homepage, click on the “Log In” button in the top right hand corner. After you are logged in with your bardode and PIN, click on the “Fees” button from the menu at the top of the screen. From there you can see the charges against your account.

We currently do not have an online method of paying fines. You will have to go to the Circulation Desk at the Main Branch to pay your fines. We accept cash, credit, or debit. Please be advised as per the SILS Circulation policy in Appendix A of our Policy Manual we do not accept replacement items in lieu of replacement costs and processing fees. For example, if you lose/damage an item we will not accept a replacement of the item. You will still have to pay the replacement and processing fees regardless of whether you have provided a replacement of the item.

Item Checkout Limits

There will be a limit of 100 items signed out on a standard patron card. Institution cards will be limited to 300 items. The following groups will determine how many items from the following groups could be borrowed at any one time:

Books: If no other formats are borrowed, the entire 100 limit may be used for books.
DVDs & Blurays: 20
Audiobooks & CDs: 30
Video Games: 3

Lending Exceptions:
The use of some library materials such as: talking books, home use videos and DVDs which are not licensed for group viewing, special local collections (e.g. art rental), age restricted videos or DVDs to underage children, daycare items, professional collection are determined by specific patron types (or other conditions).

Requesting Items:
Patrons can have a maximum of 50 requests on their card at any one point in time. This includes a combination of requests that are still outstanding, and those holds that are currently awaiting pick-up.
For more information on our Circulation Policies please check our Library Policy Manual