Code of Conduct

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Attendees of BiblioCon at Prince Albert Public Library's Policy are expected to follow the Library’s Code of Conduct (available on page 15 of the Prince Albert Public Library's Policy Manual on the Library Policy page.)

Costumes are encouraged but not mandatory. All costumes must be “G” rated, or rather family friendly. Shoes and shirts are required. Library Staff reserve the right to ask attendees to change their attire if it is deemed offensive or inappropriate.

No animals will be allowed in the library unless they are certified service animals.

No weapons will be permitted at BiblioCon. A weapon is defined as any item that a reasonable person would deem a weapon, any weapon or item prohibited by local, provincial, or federal law, any item indistinguishable at casual inspection from either of the first two cases, or any item resembling a gun that is capable of firing a projectile. A weapon that has been rendered inoperable, such as a firearm without a firing pin or a blunt/dull blade, shall still be considered a weapon.

Library Staff reserve the right to confiscate props that are deemed too dangerous to be in public areas. For example, if a prop is too large and runs the risk of injuring a patron or attendee, it will be taken away for the duration of BiblioCon and may be collected at the end of the event.

Photography: Please ask for permission before taking pictures of people.