Save Our Seats Fundraising Campaign


Save Our Seats Fundraising Campaign

Prince Albert Public Library prides itself in being able to show free movies to our patrons in the Mahon Auditorium! Unfortunately, our auditorium has seen better days. In order to continue showing movies to our patrons in comfort and style we’ve been slowly upgrading the space.

What we’ve done so far:

  • Upgraded our projector for crisper pictures.
  • Switched from small screen to a matte theatre quality paint on the wall, allowing for bigger projection space.
  • Upgraded to a Bluray player

What we plan to do with your help:

  • Replace the  old worn out seats with new, more comfortable ones!
  • Replace the carpeted areas!
  • Revamp the stage area to look more like a theatre stage.
  • Repaint the walls

Find more information on how to donate by visiting our Donations page. Or, if you want to make a cash donation after viewing a movie you can do so in the Donation Box mounted on to the doors of the Mahon Auditorium. Money is emptied on a daily basis.

PayPal Donations

If you would like to donate through PayPal using your credit card or bank account please click the donate button below and follow the instructions provided by PayPal: